Monday, October 26, 2015

New posts coming soon..

Wow, i did not know this blog would be so popular. It's been a while since I've posted anything but I do have lots of ideas. Of course, if you would like to pitch an idea or two feel free to contact me @ Stay tuned.

With love, S

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Blair Waldorf Bedroom: Bedding

Blair has the most luxurious bedding made of silk! I love her bedroom overall, but the silk bedding is especially intriguing.

Her exact bedding is from kumi kookoon.

I just purchased the classic collection and am very excited for it.

B's bedding is in the color champagne and her throw in the color of sapphire. Also, her main pillows are snow cone.

I hope this post helps you to achieve Blair's bedroom! I'm working on mine.

With Love, S

Blair Waldorf Sleepwear

Blair likes to stay classy and poised even during her sleep..

Brands: Natori, Cosabella, Aridein, Victoria's Secret

With Love, S

Blair Waldorf Favorite Music

Favorite Artist: Radiohead, Sea Wolf, The Pierces, Justin Timberlake, Cat Power, The Beatles, Zero 7, Meiko, M.I.A, Bjork

I've listened to songs of each artists and I came up with a list of few that I really enjoyed. I'm sure it's one of Blair's favorites too.

                                                           In the Waiting Line- Zero 7

Destiny- Zero 7


Secret- The Pierces


The Violet Hour- Sea Wolf


Moon River- Henri Mancini


It's Alright to Fail- Cat Power


No Surprises- Radiohead

Creep- Radiohead


High and Dry- Radiohead


Breakfast at Tiffany's- Henry Mancini


What Goes Around Comes Back Around- Justin Timberlake


With Love, S

Attempts to be Blair Waldorf

Hello everyone and thanks for visiting my blog. 
For a couple months now, all my attention was redirected toward Blair Waldorf. 
She is a character on Gossip Girl for all of you that didn't know. 
To me, she is person that I have always wanted to be. 
I have so much knowledge about her and would like to share with some of you that have some similar ideas about her. 
This blog will inform you about Blair's fashion, lifestyle and so much more. 
I know there are a lot of you out there that wants to be Blair Waldorf. 
Please message me if you are one of me. 

With Love, S