Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Blair Waldorf Favorite Music

Favorite Artist: Radiohead, Sea Wolf, The Pierces, Justin Timberlake, Cat Power, The Beatles, Zero 7, Meiko, M.I.A, Bjork

I've listened to songs of each artists and I came up with a list of few that I really enjoyed. I'm sure it's one of Blair's favorites too.

                                                           In the Waiting Line- Zero 7

Destiny- Zero 7


Secret- The Pierces


The Violet Hour- Sea Wolf


Moon River- Henri Mancini


It's Alright to Fail- Cat Power


No Surprises- Radiohead

Creep- Radiohead


High and Dry- Radiohead


Breakfast at Tiffany's- Henry Mancini


What Goes Around Comes Back Around- Justin Timberlake


With Love, S


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