Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Blair Waldorf Bedroom: Bedding

Blair has the most luxurious bedding made of silk! I love her bedroom overall, but the silk bedding is especially intriguing.

Her exact bedding is from kumi kookoon.

I just purchased the classic collection and am very excited for it.

B's bedding is in the color champagne and her throw in the color of sapphire. Also, her main pillows are snow cone.

I hope this post helps you to achieve Blair's bedroom! I'm working on mine.

With Love, S


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  2. I had send a email for blairwaldorf.contact@gmail.com, blease answer it! thank you!

  3. i love your bedroom is beautiful i want the room of my own place

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  5. Does anyone know what color sheets, down comforter, and pillows the second to last picture is? Im trying to design my new apartment(:

  6. Hi!:) one question, does Blair has pillow cover? Or it is just the pillow? Thank you:)

    1. There are no pillow covers, just the pillows themselves. http://www.kumikookoon.com/product.php?cPath=31_31&products_id=5

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  9. Hi! Does anyone know the color of her sheets in the show? I'm on ten website "kumi koo koon" and I have pics of all her bedding but it looks like the sheets are ivory and not champagne. But obviously the duvet is champagne yes.

  10. this place is very expensive you must be rich . well I know blair is she is blair waldorf of course

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